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A catamaran charter is a great choice if you are looking for a vessel with plenty of internal space, EXTRA stability, and comfortable as at home.


Whilst chartering a catamaran is more expensive than chartering a sailing yacht, guests who choose this option are rewarded in luxury, comfort and space onboard.


Fountaine Pajot Elba 45

Croatia Charter Fleet represents new arrival in our catamaran fleet Elba 45 

Fountaine Pajot Elba 45

The Fountaine Pajot spirit is to face forward. The Elba 45 confirms in the most seductive way our taste for the avant-garde. This luxury catamaran is made to delight the eye and to take you by surprise. The energizing line of its inverted bows, the harmonious layout of its living quarters will mesmerize any enthusiastic yachtsman.

Dynamic and stylish, the helm of our new catamaran offers easy maneuverability and will delight you with its performance. A true cruising catamaran, traversed by a magnificent luminescence, you will feel aboard the Elba 45 just as comfortable as at home. With two new dedicated spaces in the saloon, you’ll feel like you’re in business class.

The Elba 45 is available in two versions. Maestro, with an Owner’s suite and its ensuite bathroom, two double cabins, and two adjoining bathrooms. Quartet, with 4 double cabins, 1 cabin, and 5 bathrooms.

Fountaine Pajot Elba 45 Fountaine Pajot Elba 45 Fountaine Pajot Elba 45 Fountaine Pajot Elba 45

  • Main Features :

    Length over all44.1 ft – 13,45 m

    Beam over all24.8 ft – 7,55 m

    Displacement unloaded14.0 T (approx.)

    Draft3.9 ft – 1,20 m

    Sail area807 ft² – 75 m²

    Genoa area527 ft² – 49 m²

    Standard Power2 x 50 HP – 2 x 50 CV

    Option Power2 x 60 HP – 2 x 60 CV

    ArchitectBerret-Racoupeau Design

  • Reservoir capacity

    Fresh Water2 x 92 US Gallons – 2 x 350 l (approx.)

    Fuel124 US Gallons – 470 l (approx.)

  • Versions

    Maestro version1 owner’s suite + 1 bathroom / 2 double cabins + 2 bathrooms

    Quatuor version4 double cabins + 2 bathrooms

Why you should book a Sailing Charter Holiday in Croatia this Summer?

You have heard us say it all before. This doesn’t make it less true.  Sailing in Croatia is an unforgettable experience.

Cruising the island-studded Adriatic sea, somewhere among its 1000 or so islands, gliding through blue-green waters under bright sunshine. Sailing in a country gives a different perspective of its land and people and Croatia is simply made for sailing. Faraway magic lands can be reached with the quietest coves; modern marinas attached to humming, cosmopolitan cities provide a safe harbor to unwind and take your mind off the boat for a night or two. Mostly friendly winds and easy line-of-sight navigation offer all that is needed for a chilled-out sailing experience.

If you prefer something more challenging, such sailing areas can be found off the smaller, barren 100-island archipelago of Kornati, in Kvarner Bay, the Velebit Channel, and around the island of Vis.

                                                                                                Sailing Charter

The high season in Croatia is busy. There are crowded, umbrella-lined beaches and cities with millions of tourists and locals on holiday; all moving around at the same time. If you’re looking for something quieter, wilder, and more intimate, then what better way to escape the crowds than sailing off on a yacht to places only accessible by boat? Even though sailing is a popular pastime in Croatia, you can always find a cove tucked away somewhere where you will feel as if you are the only soul on the planet. You might meet a few day-trippers from the mainland, but you will have the sunset pretty much to yourself once they have gone.

Sailing Charter


Ask anyone who has been to Croatia and they will enthuse about the clarity of the water. Reputedly the clearest water in the Mediterranean, visibility can reach up to 15m, – great for a visual when dropping your anchor! Every cliché you could ever think of applies to the waters of the Adriatic Coast, with good reason; Croatia regularly tops the best beach and cleanest waters lists. The temperature of the sea in the summer reaches a pleasing 29C, there are not many waves, and there are no sharks or particularly dangerous species to worry about. Since you will be, literally, on it you can leap off your boat anytime into the practically transparent water.

Croatia has one of the oldest European cultures, heavily influenced by both the Greeks and the Romans. As a result, there is a plethora of ancient architecture everywhere. Palaces, arenas, and old city walls are found in many ports. Captivating medieval cities, noblemen’s fortresses, and ancient city walls add a charm to the coast and islands that is spellbinding. You can visit some of the most incredible cathedrals in Europe. From Romanesque and Gothic to Renaissance and Rococo, the coastal cities are full of such treasures. Worth exploring on a day in port.

UNESCO’s World Heritage List includes seven sites in Croatia showcasing its rich cultural legacy.

Sailing Charter

The nautical infrastructure in Croatia is excellent. With around 56 well-organized marinas which together offer 16000 sea berths and 8500 berths on land.  Apart from marinas, there are also many private sailing clubs and ports for members only. The marinas in Croatia are located mostly in Dalmatian coastal towns, conveniently close to airports and other amenities. Charter boats are available in virtually all of these marinas and most marinas have a dry dock, should you need a few repairs or have an emergency while on a sailing holiday. Reputable charter companies and friendly, helpful port authorities complete the picture.

Sailing Charter

See mountainous ridges giving way to vineyards that line the rocky coastline. Gaze out onto the islands dotted as far as the horizon, some lush and green others barren with a starker beauty. Marvel at the colors of summer, the perfection of nature, and the medieval stone walls and buildings. Watch the sunset (or rise) over the water. Taste Croatia! Differing by region, it is a Mediterranean cuisine with splashes of Italian, Greek, and Slavic. Savor the spices and the freshest ingredients washed down with world-class wine that will entertain your palette. Relish delectable traditional meals wherever you are. Feel the wind on your face as the sails fill out or the coolness of the water on your skin as you dive off the boat. Touch the hot pebbles on the beach and sink your bare feet into white sand. Bask in the warm sunshine and let it warm you right through. Smell the lavender fields in Hvar, the grilling meat and fish on the coals, the fresh sea air as you sail out into the open. Wake up to the aroma of coffee being brewed in the galley before you set off for an early morning cruise. Listen to the waves lapping on the boat, the halyards banging on the mast, and the harmonies of the Klapa groups, singing in the squares.

And let your intuition guide you to memorable moments…..

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