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Šibenik archipelago – 7 days

Šibenik as the Starting Point of Nautical Paradise

Near the town of Šibenik, located at the mouth of the river Krka, numerous islands can be found, the biggest of which are Zlarin, Prvić, Kakan, Kaprije and Žirje. Mooring in the berths of small island towns and enjoying an evening walk among the stone streets is an experience in itself, while swimming and relaxation in the numerous coves offer direct contact with the beauty of the seascape, which makes these islands ideal for your first or last night at sea.


Apart from being close, protected from harsh weather conditions and full of beautiful scenery, these islands also offer various activities, such as visiting the museum of the Croatian inventor Faust Vrančić in Prvić Luka, one of the most interesting museums on Croatian islands.

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