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What to expect from HANSE 505?

The new Hanse 505 replaces the previous Hanse 495 model and not only builds on the new focus in the Hanse models but also stands for the implementation of new ideas overall. The Hanse 505 also sets innovative trends in the key areas of design, functionality, technology, performance, luxury, and safety.

What to expect from HANSE 505?, Yacht Charter Croatia



Its unparalleled exterior design with the elegant solid bulwark and the best cockpit in its class sets new standards. The two cockpit tables in the Hanse 505 can also be transformed into a protruding relax launch. The HANSE 505 has everything you could expect from the perfect cruising yacht. Why? Its lines are the creation of Judel/Vrolijk & co, the best and most experienced yacht designers in the world. This guarantees that it is fast, easy, and safe to sail in any weather. 

What to expect from HANSE 505?, Yacht Charter Croatia

You can sail this 14-ton yacht on your own, whenever you like. The setting, hauling in, shortening, and trimming of the 130 m² sail can be carried out comfortably and directly from the steering wheel. From there, you will have a complete overview at all times. At HANSE, we call that „Easy Sailing“. You won‘t want to do it without it!

What to expect from HANSE 505?, Yacht Charter Croatia


If you like to try the new Hanse 505 in sailing feel free to contact our professional team.

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