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Splendid Sailing In Croatia

Splendid Sailing In Croatia, Yacht Charter Croatia

Sailing in Croatia is a glorious experience that draws thousands of sailing enthusiasts to the country every year. It is no wonder since the coastlines are spectacular, the water is clear and blue and the beaches are pristine. Under the water, the sea life is vibrant and abundant and jumping off your boat for swimming, snorkeling, or diving is a highlight of the sailing trip for many people.

Adventures at sea, connecting to the mighty ocean and navigating the waves are all experiences that make Croatia so popular.

Another highlight of sailing life is stopping at destinations to go exploring on land. For example, a cruise from Dubrovnik to Split could include stops at both places and many seaside villages in between. The old town in Split is one of the most charming places on Croatia’s map and the city of Dubrovnik has a vibrant history and culture scene with Baroque and Renaissance architecture that is stunning and well-preserved.

With literally thousands of islands dotted around Croatia’s coastline, it is a dream place to sail. It is easy to find your own deserted piece of paradise that visitors may not have inhabited for quite some time. Drop the anchor and go ashore to bask in the sun and roam pretty islands that have been blessed abundantly by Mother Nature.

When it is time to get back to civilization, there are endless moorings, marinas and sea berths to stop for a short or long period of time. Sailing gives you the absolute freedom to move around as you wish and so calls free-spirited souls who love to call the whole world home. Take some time to explore on land, then head back to the high seas to sail more around Croatia, where every day brings something new and unique.

Splendid Sailing In Croatia, Yacht Charter Croatia


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