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Bareboat / Crewed / Yacht Charter Fleet

Bareboat & Crewed yacht charter

Bareboat  Charter

Have you been considering bareboat yacht charter services? If you’re already an accomplished sailor, then it’s perfectly possible to hire one of our stunning, first class service bareboat and head out on the open water for a day of bliss and freedom!

So, how can you make the most of the bareboat yacht charter experience? There are numerous great ways that hiring one of our bareboat could offer an excellent opportunity – and luckily, we’ll be here to help you learn more about these to make the most of your experience. So, why leave things to chance; read on to learn more about our Bareboat sailboat chartering services and why they might be just the solution you’ve been looking for!

Manage Your Own Yacht with our Bareboat Sailboat Chartering

There’s something quite thrilling, if you ask us, about getting out on the open water and making the most of a truly breathtaking and memorable experience. However, if you’re already a skilled skipper, you likely won’t enjoy the experience quite so much if someone else is at the helm – which is why we offer our bareboat sailing opportunities, too!

We’re immensely proud to offer a unique sailing opportunity for licensed international skippers through our bareboat charter  services. You won’t need t  Of course, on a bareboat sailboat, you’re responsible for both your crew members and the vessel itself – and as a result of this, we highly recommend you allocate responsibilities based on each person’s strengths and weaknesses, just as you might do.

Check your skipper licensce HERE!

Why Choose a Bareboat Sailboat Catamaran or Motor Yacht?

Why choose our bareboat service on sailboat, catamaran or motor yacht ? Heading out on the water is always a thrilling experience if you ask us – but heading out with just the company of your friends and loved ones is even more special. As such, if this is something you have been considering, our friendly and expert team would be proud to help – and our bareboat sailboats might be just the solution you need.

So, what is it about our bareboat sailboats that makes them so loved? Well, there are numerous great benefits associated with heading out on the water alone, and as an internationally licensed skipper, you’ll be able to! Some of the most notable benefits of our bareboat yacht chartering solutions include the following.

#1 Privacy is Key

One of the most apparent benefits of choosing to hire one of our bareboat sailboats absolutely has to be that you get the utmost privacy. Indeed, while our skippered yachting experiences are undeniably an excellent, first class service, sometimes, there’s a lot to be said for having some alone time with your friends and loved ones. Fortunately, if one member of your group holds an international and valid skipper’s license, you’ll be able to head out on the water completely alone with just you and your companions, giving you the utmost privacy overall. What’s not to love?

#2 You Still Get a First Class Service – for a Fraction of the Price!

Another benefit of our bareboat sailboat solutions absolutely has to be that you can still continue to enjoy a truly first class service, but without the expense that normally accompanies such services. Indeed, when you head out on the water with one of our skippers, you’ll need to pay for both their experience and time. What’s more, if you choose to stop off at a restaurant at any point, it’s only common courtesy to offer your friendly skipper a meal along with your family – after all, they’re there for the experience by your side!

However, as lovely as this is, it’s worth noting that it’s definitely a little more expensive – after all, adding someone else to your group doesn’t come without costs! As such, if you’re looking for a different option that might be a little gentler on your wallet, there’s no doubt that our bareboat options could be just the solution. Plus, our team will still provide all of the luxury first class services you’d expect when hiring one of our Croatian bareboat sailboats; as such, you’ll be treated to the finest experience without having to pay over the odds!

#3 It’s an Excellent Opportunity for All Family Members to Get Involved

When you head out on one of our bareboat sailboats, you can be confident of an incredible experience – and, as part of this, you’ve also got the opportunity to get your friends or loved ones involved with sailing. Indeed, your friends can serve as the crew for your vacation – something that many people love the chance to experience!

Sailing a yacht independently is an excellent way for many people to gain self-confidence and experience, and as such, it’s well worth assigning different roles to your family or friends to keep the yacht sailing smoothly and get everyone involved in the process.

#4 The Pace is Up to You!

As a final point, we absolutely need to point out that, when you choose our bareboat yachting opportunities, you’ll get the chance to pick your own pace – so, if you’d rather go at a slower pace to make the most of every sight, that’s absolutely fine! Meanwhile, if going a little quicker to see as many sights as possible is more your preference, that’s also a possibility; so, you can explore the stunning surroundings in Croatia at your own freedom, allowing you to genuinely make the most of the experience and develop memories that will last for a lifetime!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking to make the most of every opportunity presented to you, then our bareboat sailboat solutions might be just the option you need. Indeed, you’ll get the chance to enjoy a truly first class service with our stunning boats – but at the freedom to pick your own pace and really make the most of the opportunity.

So long as you have the skills and experience to man the sailboat yourself, you’ll be able to head out onto the open water with your friends and loved ones, really giving you the chance to make the most of every opportunity. That’s just part of why we’re one of the leading bareboat sailboat teams, and we’ll be here to help with all of your yachting needs too.


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Crewed Yacht Charter

If you have been planning a trip to Croatia, but you’re not sure how to make the experience even more special and memorable than it already is, why not consider hiring one of our luxury crewed Catamarans to really treat yourself to the finest possible experience? Indeed, as one of the leading local providers of reliable yacht chartering solutions in Croatia, we’ve always worked tirelessly to ensure that our clients get the chance to enjoy the very best Croatia has to offer.

We’ve hired some of the most experienced and friendly local professionals to help you ensure that, no matter what, you get the chance to enjoy a blissful holiday overall. So, why not hire one of our luxury crewed Catamaran motor yachts for your own visit to Croatia, and enjoy all this stunning region has to offer. From dining on the finest Mediterranean food, expertly made by your very own private, professional cook, to enjoying some of the finest sights that Croatia can offer, it’s undeniable that our luxury crewed yacht chartering experiences can be an excellent opportunity overall.

What Makes Our Luxury Crewed Catamarans So Special?

Have you been planning a holiday to Croatia and want to treat yourself, your family, or your friends to an unforgettable experience? If so, there’s no doubt that our luxury crewed Catamaran motor yachts could be just the solution you need!

Indeed, every one of our luxurious crewed Catamarans has been expertly selected to ensure you get a memorable, magical experience. What’s more, we’ve hand-picked our professional crew members with a rigorous level of attention to detail, so you can count on our team for the most luxurious vacation experience possible.

But what is it that makes a luxury crewed Catamaran experience so special? Well, call us biased if you will. Still, we’re confident that our luxury yachts offer a myriad of excellent benefits and opportunities – and these could help make a trip of a lifetime for your holiday!

Just several of the key benefits of our breathtaking luxury crewed Catamarans are outlined as follows – but don’t just take our word for it! We’re always happy to help our clients learn more about the luxurious opportunities we can offer for your vacation, after all.

The Finest, Most Luxurious Catamaran Motor Yachts in Croatia

We all deserve a little time off from the rigours of our busy modern world – but, to truly make the most of the experience, we recommend you splash out on a little luxury. Fortunately, we’ve spared no expense when it comes to finding some of the most stunning and well-equipped luxury Catamaran motor yachts in all of Croatia. So, you can be confident of an unforgettable experience without fail.

What makes our luxury crewed Catamaran motor yachts so unique? Well, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that our clients get the very best services possible because, if there’s one thing we know, it’s that top-quality services are vital. All of our yachts are kitted out with the finest amenities and resources, so no matter what, there’ll surely be something that you fall in love with on our range of luxury vessels!

Your Personal Dedicated Crew, Including a Professional Chef and Deckhand!

A luxury yachting experience wouldn’t be possible without the finest TLC and top class service – and with this in mind, we have lovingly hand-selected some of the most experienced and professional crew members to make your experience perfect!

Relax and enjoy the moment while your own personal, professional chef cooks a selection of the finest Mediterranean foods just for you to enjoy. In short – it’s a blissful experience and one that’s sure to leave you feeling relaxed and pampered, no matter what!

Secure Your Luxury Yacht Charter With an APA

Before your voyage, you’ll want to make sure that everything’s in place to give you a truly blissful experience overall – and, as part of this, we’re proud to offer an advanced provisioning allowance service, which is required in addition to the basic charter price.

This fee allows us to secure your luxury crewed Catamarans and ensure that the yacht is fully kitted out with everything you might need to enjoy a blissful and sensual experience overall. Your captain hand selects food, alcohol, and the finest beverages for every guest, as well as helping us to ensure that the trip is prepared to your unique specifications and wishes. It’s part of what allows us to provide an unparalleled experience for all our guests.

Fortunately, if any of your APA payments aren’t used up in full, you’ll be offered a full refund of the remaining balance. As such, our customers can be confident that they’ll get the very best services for their money – and our luxury crew members work to ensure that every Catamaran motor yacht is equipped with everything you might dream of. So, why leave things to chance?

Discover How We Can Make Your Holiday Unique Today!

If you’re ready to find out more about the opportunities that our luxury crewed Catamaran motor yachts can offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re immensely proud to be one of the leading providers in all of Croatia for crewed yacht chartering experiences, and all of our staff members share our passion for providing you with a truly unforgettable trip.

You’ll be treated to an all-inclusive, luxurious vacation with all of the TLC and catering you would dream of from even a five-star resort or hotel. All the while, your very own dedicated crew will help you enjoy some of the most incredible sights in Croatia – so you’ll enjoy the holiday experience of a lifetime.

We’re passionate about the quality of our luxury crewed Catamaran motor yachts, but at the end of the day, it’s the dedication of the crew that makes a crewed yacht charter experience special. Luckily, when you partner with our friendly and professional team, we’ll pull out all of the stops to transform your holiday into one that builds memories you can cherish for a lifetime; what’s not to love?


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