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YouTube Sailors Channels 6

YouTube Sailors channels start to be very popular.

If you love sailing and boats, you’ve probably come across hundreds of YouTube videos and channels of various vloggers whose adventures have been recorded with an amateur camera. Among them, there are sometimes some channels whose material stands out, and whose stories and production border on the professional TV standard. To shorten your time, we have singled out a few very good channels that are worth watching and whose actors have become recognizable faces, and some comfortably fall into the celebrity category. We tried to compile our list with various YouTubers, which is why many others are “missing”.


Igor Stropnik is a brave Slovenian sailing adventurer, and it is possible that you have already come across his videos on YouTube. His videos are a combination of idyllic summer charter cruises, brutal winter sports-expedition sailing activities on the ice sea and various other videos. Stropnik practices an unusual form of cruising on small sports sailboats, combined with camping on the coast. So he sailed and camped on the Adriatic for 36 days in a laser, then from the Russian border 10 days along the northern Norwegian coast, then 45 days sailing a small inflatable catamaran off the coast of Norway, then 9 days in a miniature dinghy on the Adriatic… Igor has great videos reviews popular catamarans, and ocean crossings. This tireless adventurer is a high school physical education teacher, a private trainer and who, obviously, lacks comfort, cold, heat, wind and mountains are not unknown. His documentary recordings of sailing ventures bring a unique first-hand view, something we can thank for the small robust sports cameras, but primarily Igor.


Numerous YouTube channels have appeared about couples sailing around the world and documenting their voyage in weekly video episodes. One of the most popular is Sailing Uma, which over time has grown from amateur episodes into seriously quality nautical material produced. He follows the sailing adventures of Canadian Dan and Haitian Kike, whose paths they met in the USA while studying architecture. The adventurous spirit led them to buy the old sailboat Uma. They soon replaced the dilapidated diesel engine with an electric one, completely redesigned the interior and in a very short time became a role model for many other sailors who dream of cruising the world. In a way, they became ambassadors of the electric drive. In its final season, Sailing Uma replaced the warm climate of Central America with the North Atlantic, the Norwegian Sea and the North Pole.


Holmes himself is “another” YouTube sailor, whose channel is filled with videos about solo sailing, coast exploration, oceans, repairs, but all in fairly old and cheap sailboats. In other words, he lives the dream of many sailors who have never embarked on such adventures. Along the way, he meets many friends, boaters and other adventurers, presenting his daily life in a very sympathetic, relaxed and humorous way. Holmes himself plays the plastic saxophone, dives, sails, repairs, hikers, and is also involved in parachuting. His stories are not filled with luxury and privileged “yacht” background, but with a “do it yourself” approach, which in the Croatian language fits perfectly with his name.

Norwegian Erik Aanderaa is an atypical sailor with an even more atypical YouTube channel, who built his NBJS brand on elements of solo cruising. Namely, he sails alone, in the cold and hostile conditions of the Norwegian Sea, North Atlantic in the old and completely restored sailboat Contessa 36. The story follows his journey from hobby sailors through his epic voyages in an attempt to conquer Greenland to to your YouTube channel, professionally. Eric is a sympathetic Viking, who does not show sailing and cruising through stories about cocktails, dolphins and the comfort of sailing, but through the prism of the brutality of the weather, cold, finding and exploring one’s own and nature’s borders. Last season, he gave up a second attempt to break through to Greenland, due to an almost fatal experience with Atlantic Ocean currents combined with Covid.

On the interesting Youtube channel Sailing Ruby Rose, you can follow Nick and Terys on a trip around the world. These two young Londoners give great advice for various sailing situations and are worth a look.


The sharpest sailor among youtubers, and the channel that he recommends including AdBlocker because he doesn’t plan to make a living from vlogging anyway, is certainly that of Mr. Christian Williams. A retired writer, former Washington Post editor and Hollywood TV producer, it makes sense to tell a story, produce amateur video episodes in his annual solo offshore voyage from Los Angeles to Hawaii, about sailboat repairs and modifications, and numerous nautical stories. During the voyage, Williams unobtrusively educates by recounting adventures from a rich sailing experience, talks about classical music, poetry, quotes writers and conveys his current thoughts. His voice is pleasant, and the video episodes are unpretentious and full of inspiration.


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