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7 Amazing sailing movies

7 Amazing sailing movies

7 Amazing sailing movies:

We have singled out several inspiring documentaries about sailors, their endeavors and people who have been an inspiration for generations.
Apart from athletes and professionals, only a few optimists go sailing in winter. At this time of year, charterers mostly fantasize about destinations and routes they want to visit, calculate and adjust prices to their wishes, and boat owners think about the cost of maintaining the boat and the amount of work that awaits them on board before the next nautical season. We are proponents of year-round sailing, so if you have heating on board, willing company and warm waterproof clothing, winter sailing is an exceptional experience. But comfort is an individual and relative term. Therefore, we have selected 7 sailing documentaries for those who want to enjoy “sailing” and sea scenes from the comfort of the couch and at least in thought to sail the sea.

The Boat that Ian Built (1974.)

One of the most popular classes of sailboats today is the Laser, recently the ILCA. The Boat that Ian Built follows the story of the creation of a sailboat that conquered the world of sailing and today is in the hangars of all sailing clubs. Bruce Kirby designed the “Weekender” according to the instructions of industrial designer Ian Bruce, and the main provision was to fit on the roof of the car, and to cost less than the then 1000 USD. Weekender was soon renamed Laser, and 800 copies were sold in the first year, and over 230,000 ILCA carcasses have been made to date. A book was recently published about designer Bruce Kirby, who passed away at the age of 92, in July this summer.

Maidentrip (2013.)

The story of the young Dutchwoman Laura Dekker was leaked to the media about 10 years ago all over the world. Then the 13-year-old, with the support of her parents, decided to sail around the world alone, and the case ended in court. In the end, the Dutch court decided to leave the responsibility to the parents, and at the age of 14, on August 21, 2010, Laura embarked on an adventure that still provokes public controversy. She succeeded in her plan, and at the age of 16, on a 12.4 m long Guppy sailboat, she returned to Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten after 518 days. You can find the film at this link.

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